I decided to jump on the 100 happy days bandwagon!

Looking forward to documenting 100 positive things! 1 per day!

“Because their is at least a little positive in every day” – BeauteOptic


Day 1 : 10/03/2014


My first day with my new eyelashes! (No mascara)! Got them done by the wonderful Ali Faye at Her Esthetician on Slater st. downtown!

Loving them and they are making me happy because I’m already getting so many compliments on my eyes!


Day 2 : 11/03/2014

Cynthia Shadows

Today my happy day is top secret! I can’t say much about it other than it makes me super happy to be part of such an amazing project!  Stay tuned for the final product coming either end of April maybe May! #TopSecret 

*Hint:  Facial expression and outfit = in character 😉


Day 3 : 12/03/2014


True happiness comes from family! … Today is a rough day for me so happiness doesn’t come easy.  Prepping for a Colonoscopy due tomorrow.  For those of you who know what this entitles, you know that this is not a happy day for me… BUT with my mom by my side today, I can honestly say that I am happy and my day should go by pretty smoothly !


Day 4 : 13/03/2014


After 1 1/2 days of not eating you can imagine how one could crave foods! So I definitely indulged yesterday. Mommy took me out for dinner at east side Mario’s and I got myself some spaghetti and some sweet potato fries! I thought I was hungrier then I really was lol… BUT makes good left overs for lunches!

You don’t realize how much having access to food every day and eating well really brings happiness in our lives. Some people can’t say the same!

So yes, this meal brought me happiness for sure!


Day 5  : 14/03/2014


Day 5 happiness comes from TERRA20 shopping! In love with these cleaning products, I feel much safer using these then regular products around my animals!


Day 6 : 15/03/2014


Day 6 my happiness was brought to me by Rocket ! This morning I spent the morning with this little one. She gave me like 4 binkies and even a kiss on the arm! I love my bunny so much!


Day 7 : 16/03/2014


Not a picture I took, but a great representation of what brought my happiness on day 7.

Friends and Sunshine.

I honestly don’t know where I would be these past few days without you girls. Nicole Vanasse and Hollie Millholland.. Thank you so much for being my shoulder to cry on, and my stress relief for the weekend, i’m forever grateful for your friendships!


Day 8 : 17/03/2014


My friends always Know what to do!

Happiness is part of creating good memories. My childhood is FILLED with good memories. This movie marks a big part of my childhood, from constant watching, to recreating it with my cousins and sister for my parents in the basement, to dreaming Cinderella dreams and so much more!

A good Disney movie is just good for the soul.  Point Final!

Watched this gem tonight with Hollie and Nicole , forever creating good memories with these 2 girls !

“Even miracles take a little time. ”
-Fairy Godmother, Cinderella


Day 9 : 18/03/2014

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