Valentines Day: Ideas for the Last Minute-ers

Valentines Day, also known as the Hallmark Holiday, another excuse to take out our wallets and spend some money to show our loved ones that we love them?  Hold up, that’s not right!  Yes it is over rated, yes people go buck sh*t crazy over making sure the day is perfect.

My thoughts are v-day should be taken as a reminder that all the little things count when it comes to love.. and its been placed in the best month of the year to show just that! February gives us the perfect environment, the cozier weather (cuddly nights), the year still feels fresh (resolutions for the most part still in effect) and its usually winter festival time (free events! ..or at least cheap ones)!

The day we all have marked in our calendar as the day we need to love our significant other, is just a date. I know all you single people out there are all probably half puking just by reading this post (if you haven’t stopped yet). Instead of dreading Valentines Day, their are MANY other things you can do.  Dinner date with you best friend or going to that favorite place you love to go to!  Just take the time to do something YOU LOVE.

Enough of the blah blah introduction part, now to get down to what you have probably clicked on this post for.
A few ideas I dug out for all of you:

1. If your still looking to spend a little money, Lauren Conrad put together a nice list of ideas of gifts for everyone and anyone really.

2. Bed and Breakfast style!  I don’t know 1 person on the planet who wouldn’t love to wake up with a nice breakfast on their bed side (Coffee, optional but encouraged)

3. Why not reenact your first date, go back to the good ol’days where you were still in the so called “honeymoon stage” and bring that fire back!

4. Get physical! .. no i’m not talking dirty.  Go out and get your heart rates rising together doing something enjoyable outdoors (cross country skiing, skating *if your in Ottawa I highly recommend the Canal! etc..)

4. Swap massages.  1 for your and 1 for your partner! Click here.

5. Get cheesy, its okay sometimes. Make a trail of rose petals to a certain surprise. (Let your imagination go wild)

6. 18+: Get a room, if budget allows.  A change of environment could work miracles on your sex life. Mix in some roll playing to spice it up a bit.

7. 18+: Can’t afford a room? Read together.  Find a good dirty novel and read a couple of chapters together to help ignite a little passion. I recommend Opal Carew, I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting her at the Sexapalooza 2014, great women with interesting reads!

9. Stay in, no electronics. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of uninterrupted time together. Play some games together, have a long nap. Live in pure togetherness!

10. Dress up.  Even if its just for dinner between the two of you or to hit a dance floor! Get fancy with it!

* For more options if your not satisfied with the ones I mentioned: 101 things to do on valentines day. (single, mingling or taken)

Now, I may not be a love expert but I can guarantee that at least one of these things will be worth your while.

Much love,