My Story

Myriam Cyr
My Story

Myriam Cyr aka BeauteOptic is a young woman who is proud of her French culture. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, the great outdoors has helped her foster a great love for nature and all it’s beauty. Her involvment in the Arts at school has made her realize that being creative and making others feel good about themselves would define her life goals. Myriam has faced and still faces challenges in life but her strength and spirit keep pushing her forward from season to season.  She strives to know the world and to apply what she discoveres in all that she achieves.

3 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Myriam is awesome at what she does!
    I’ve done a photoshoot with her before and she made me feel more than comfortable.
    She’s going to do big things, definitely keep an eye open for Beauteoptic! ❤

    1. Thank you so much Hollie, you were a great first model! and check your pretty much the face of my company.. i’m the one who should be thanking you! Thanks for the great support I appreciate it SO much.

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