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Bringing Photography and Makeup Artistry together, Myriam is passionate for all things Photography, Beauty and Fashion & just all around loves to have a great time! I am based in our nation’s capital, and am ready to work with you on any creative or business oriented project.

Super Power – Positive Thoughts

What’s my super power you ask? I’m a dreamer, therefor my super power is thought. I am and have always been a believer of the “Law of Attraction” … I am the living breathing proof that it is real and it works!

Thinking Positive thoughts projects positivity which leads to a positive environment which then brings optimism and success into my life.

A dreamer who can believe in their dreams now that is a super power to brag about!

Remember “anything is possible if you just believe” a very well known quote that we all seem to let slip our mind.

Set out for what you want, reach your goals.. THAT should be the purpose of life.

Why? Because you can!

Xx; Mimii20140627-161153-58313572.jpg

The nine 2 five

The 9-5 life, is it really necessary?

Since I’ve stepped out of the 9-5 world I’ve noticed MANY changes in my life.

1 being I am particularly more happy with my life

2 being I spend less but I live more fulfilling life.

3 is I’m realizing I don’t need 2/3 of the crap I’ve accumulated

4… The list seriously goes on forever.. Mainly all positive points!!

This article is perfect at explaining it all!

It’s crazy how the system is built.. Even crazier that were all so drawn to it…. Money money money.

I suggest everyone read this article! ITS A MUST!

Then question… Is it really worth it? Is it really possible to spend time and not money?

I’ll leave you with those questions on your mind..

Ciao for now!

“Work Life” – Positive Vibes

[ Download PDF poster here ]

Too many times I walk around my office building, watching people walk around with their heads low, feeling stressed cause of their work day, expressing their hate towards the fact they are stuck inside an office etc…

I felt it was time I take action and spread the positive vibe I surround myself with everyday!

So I did just that, went around and spread positive thoughts in all the main rooms of the building!

FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone around the building can now enjoy a positive thought.

Hoping this will help liven up the atmosphere in the building!


xx; Mimii


Marcelle Benedict: Stripes and Pins Runway Show!

We are too often inclined to just go to the closest mall and buy clothing in any ordinary retail store… and we buy clothing that half of the population owns..  What we really need to realize is their is a large amount of VERY talented clothing designers in our city, who also offer affordable prices and badass/unique designs, and for some, even custom made!  Now what more could you ask for?

Shop Local, Support Local!

STRIPES & PINS charity Fashion Show!

May 10th at 7h30pm
Saint-Brigid’s Center for the Arts

I had the pleasure, with my assistant Brianne Lacasse, to work with some great local talents at the Marcelle Benedict Stripes and Pins Runway Show.  I worked along side 4 other Makeup Artists from the region of which included Rosalind Chen and Krista Gregory. We were focused on re-creating a 1920’s vibe, bringing the prohibition era back through the makeup the models would strut that runway in.  Im seriously in love with my line of work. Check out the backstage photo coverage here.


The local rising stars Andréanne Jobin and Sterowashout offered live music for the evening and the guests were treated with a dance performance by Extravadanse and free snacks from Wontonmama. The event was also equiped with a fun photobooth brought to you by Shutterbug!

The designers present were; Boutique L’HexagoneAria Frances and of course Marcelle Benedicte as headliner.  Also presenting his graphic clothing designs was Babes & Gents.  See their work on the runway by checking out Moose Photography‘s event coverage here!

We all had such a great time, the stress levels were kept at a minimum, the people involved were very pleasant to work with. It was seriously such an amazing event, very well organized.  Big high five to the organizing team!

For red carpet pictures click here.

All proceeds of the event are going to Solidarité Jeunesse

Looking forward to next years event!
Ciao for now,
– Mimii


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Get to know Marcelle Benedicte:
site :
facebook : Marcelle Bénédicte
twitter / instagram : @couture_MB


Pretty Hurts

People neeeeeed to stop complaining about this “no makeup selfie” nominations! I believe its a beautiful idea.. I’m a makeup artist so I definitely am all about makeup but I believe it’s really important to put out the awareness that we are beautiful no matter what! Makeup or no makeup , with all the media going around with perfect figures, perfect skin, perfect faces, all digitally modified. This no makeup selfie is JUST what our souls need.

On top of everything it is made to raise awareness for cancer, like what is the problem with our society? I have no words to explain how disappointed it makes me to know that this is how we are being raised. We need to stop the nonsense and start loving each other and ourselves, the world will truly be a better place!


I swear people are just looking for things to complain about, lets complain about this that matter, like lack of self-esteem in our communities, animal abuse or world poverty, or even the lack of information going around about the missing plane.. But their is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the nominations going on with the “no makeup!” … Nek nominations were another story… Wake-up and smell the coffee!

“Pretty hurts
We shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation”
– Queen Bey

Nude Face Nomination

I’d like to thank Stephanie Quesnel for the beautiful no makeup selfie Nomination! I’ve recently became extremely comfortable with the look of my skin that is finally healing! This nomination chain is a great idea to display true beauty and encourage self-confidence in younger (and older) women.

I’d like to nominate all of you reading this now, and please ensure to nominate your  friends along the way! This is a great cause! Spread the word, spread the love…

Let me see them nude faces ladies (and gentlemen? hehe). !!1901389_10153983325000595_13102266_n

Valentines Day: Ideas for the Last Minute-ers

Valentines Day, also known as the Hallmark Holiday, another excuse to take out our wallets and spend some money to show our loved ones that we love them?  Hold up, that’s not right!  Yes it is over rated, yes people go buck sh*t crazy over making sure the day is perfect.

My thoughts are v-day should be taken as a reminder that all the little things count when it comes to love.. and its been placed in the best month of the year to show just that! February gives us the perfect environment, the cozier weather (cuddly nights), the year still feels fresh (resolutions for the most part still in effect) and its usually winter festival time (free events! ..or at least cheap ones)!

The day we all have marked in our calendar as the day we need to love our significant other, is just a date. I know all you single people out there are all probably half puking just by reading this post (if you haven’t stopped yet). Instead of dreading Valentines Day, their are MANY other things you can do.  Dinner date with you best friend or going to that favorite place you love to go to!  Just take the time to do something YOU LOVE.

Enough of the blah blah introduction part, now to get down to what you have probably clicked on this post for.
A few ideas I dug out for all of you:

1. If your still looking to spend a little money, Lauren Conrad put together a nice list of ideas of gifts for everyone and anyone really.

2. Bed and Breakfast style!  I don’t know 1 person on the planet who wouldn’t love to wake up with a nice breakfast on their bed side (Coffee, optional but encouraged)

3. Why not reenact your first date, go back to the good ol’days where you were still in the so called “honeymoon stage” and bring that fire back!

4. Get physical! .. no i’m not talking dirty.  Go out and get your heart rates rising together doing something enjoyable outdoors (cross country skiing, skating *if your in Ottawa I highly recommend the Canal! etc..)

4. Swap massages.  1 for your and 1 for your partner! Click here.

5. Get cheesy, its okay sometimes. Make a trail of rose petals to a certain surprise. (Let your imagination go wild)

6. 18+: Get a room, if budget allows.  A change of environment could work miracles on your sex life. Mix in some roll playing to spice it up a bit.

7. 18+: Can’t afford a room? Read together.  Find a good dirty novel and read a couple of chapters together to help ignite a little passion. I recommend Opal Carew, I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting her at the Sexapalooza 2014, great women with interesting reads!

9. Stay in, no electronics. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of uninterrupted time together. Play some games together, have a long nap. Live in pure togetherness!

10. Dress up.  Even if its just for dinner between the two of you or to hit a dance floor! Get fancy with it!

* For more options if your not satisfied with the ones I mentioned: 101 things to do on valentines day. (single, mingling or taken)

Now, I may not be a love expert but I can guarantee that at least one of these things will be worth your while.

Much love,


True Beauty

True Beauty

Spring comes once again.
The sun shines warmly. Everything is fresh and green. One morning the ugly duckling sees the beautiful swans again. She knows them. She wants so much to swim with them in the river. But she is afraid of them. She wants to die. So she runs into the river. She looks into the water. There in the water she sees a beautiful swan. It is she! She is no more an ugly duckling.
She is a beautiful white swan.