Hey there,

I have recently made the decision to get healthy and get fit.  I’ve always went to the gym, took the time to eat my greens and eat my veggies, but their were always those trips to McDonald and a random bowl of KD cause I was too broke to do more groceries.  Well all this is about to change, my whole life is about to change, and I want to share my journey with you guys.

Have you heard of Isagenix?

Whether you’re looking for the healthiest way to lose pounds and inches, the safest way to improve performance and recovery, or the most comprehensive way to combat the aging process and improve overall health, Isagenix has long-term health solutions for you. IsaProduct offers easy-to-follow training, worksheets, audio and video, personal coaching, support and much more to help you achieve your healthy living goals.

Welcome to my new life, i’ve chosen to take the IsaGenix lifestyle for many reasons.

1- To be more healthy
Isagenix offers a full line of products to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs.
2- To kick start a more fitness oriented lifestyle
It also, ensures that you wake up energized and gives you the energy needed to get by day by day.
3- To ensure I can fit all my nutrients in my busy life schedule
Sometimes I go a full day without a good meal cause i’m in and out of the house all the time!
4- Meal plan fit for a student (or working girl)
Mix my shake and off I go to class, or to work. Easy peasy!
5- Clear Skin
I’ve had many digestive problems, and these have actually taken a toll on my skin, (mostly lactose, which is why I have chosen to go to vegan way of Isagenix) I’m always whiling to try new things to help my skin.. Creams, lotions, cleansers and toners haven’t done anything for me, and pills and medicinal antibiotics haven’t even made the slight change to my skin.
6- To be Vegan
I’m a huge animal lover, and have already been a vegetarian before, when I heard Isagenix had a Vegan option, I jumped of joy, this was my chance to give it another shot.    VeganBananas would be proud.

I will use this blog to document any changes in any aspect of my life, weather its fitness, energy or skin related.

Feel free to comment bellow if you have any questions, concerns etc..
If you would like to join me in my journey simply e-mail:
xoxo; Mimii



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