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“Work Life” – Positive Vibes

[ Download PDF poster here ]

Too many times I walk around my office building, watching people walk around with their heads low, feeling stressed cause of their work day, expressing their hate towards the fact they are stuck inside an office etc…

I felt it was time I take action and spread the positive vibe I surround myself with everyday!

So I did just that, went around and spread positive thoughts in all the main rooms of the building!

FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone around the building can now enjoy a positive thought.

Hoping this will help liven up the atmosphere in the building!


xx; Mimii


terra20: Opening of a new store!


 I have officially fallen in love..

No more adventuring all the way to Kanata with my roomie and dragging her into terra20 just so I could day dream about being able to use the ecobar, or to look at the ‘oh so pretty’ cosmetic section…it was always just out of reach for me.  I cannot explain the excitement I felt when I began hearing rumours about a potential new store at their anniversary event back in September. Now here it is, terra20 in Wellington West!

On Friday November 1st, they had an exclusive VIP shopping event..how exciting that I was actually invited! Let me tell ya, I was one happy camper walking into this store.  Not only was my cousin, Josée aka ‘Vegan Bananas‘, there to greet me at the entrance, she also greeted me as the newest member of the terra20 team!  As I walked into the store, I was overwhelmed at the contemporary beauty they had created.

For those of you who are reading this thinking; ‘What the heck is terra20?’ Tisk Tisk!

Heres what Terra20 is all about in a snap:

About terra20:
A pioneer in green department store retailing, terra20 works closely with brand partners and guests to find the most environmentally sound products available. terra20’s first two stores and head office are in Ottawa. The company plans to open additional stores across Canada in the near future and has an online store with more than 8,500 product offerings. For more information visit http://www.terra20.com.

So now to talk about my experience in… *pause for effect*  ‘THE COSMETIC SECTION’!


First, let’s start off with their prestige brand, ‘Daniel Thompson‘. I actually had the privilege of meeting Mr.Thompson himself, and his trusty sidekick at the Anniversary event. We got to talk about the products and his view for the future of his company.  Great guys with great ambitions!  If there was one product I had really enjoyed during my mini makeover at the event, it was the Absolute Light (I will eventually post a review on the product and link it here as well).

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there! I got to snag myself samples of Kaia face and eye cream, booster serum, and a facial cleansing cloth. Kaia, a brand suited for people like me with busy lifestyles, is eco-friendly and vegan! I cannot wait to try these out and discover more about the product line!

There is more…lots more!

Next up, we have Zorah, a high-end brand that is petroleum free!  What really strikes me about this brand is their precious oils, especially their usage of argan oil. As we all know, argan oil is becoming a major hit in the mainstream world, or so says Dr. Oz (yea, I sometimes watch the show…it happens). Argan oil acts as a superb renewal agent for not only the skin, but in its purest form, also is amazing for the hair and cuticles.

However, the line that first caught my eye as I walked into the store, (I’d say mostly for the artwork on their brochures and stuff…I’m a very visual person) is Sappho Organic Cosmetics!  Seriously, click the hyperlink and check out the art work!  I actually posted the brochure on the wall in my room : ). I believe this will be the cosmetic line I will be testing and reviewing first! Oh Joséeeeee….prepare your makeup brushes cause i’m coming in for a makeover!

Now this is something to be excited about!  Local vendors, and I for sure am one to ‘Support Local‘!SupportLocal-newmark

Their soaps are to die for! I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who thinks this.
* Check out Vegan Bananas’s review on their Lemon Meringue Hand Balm and Chocolate Face Mask.

Now, I could sit here all night and name every other product line they have available, thankfully I can just link you to a full list, for you to do a little of your own exploring : ).   HERE!
* Please note, the mother store carries all lines, the Wellington West location is more of a specialized department store.

PS: Don’t forget to check out poo-poo paper! ACTUALLY MADE FROM POOP! Yes, you read correctly…did I catch your attention? ; ) …I know I’m going to buy some poop during my next visit! hehe.

In short, I’m in love with this store, and will be turning visits into habits . I mean, I definitely have to refill my ecobar cleaning products!

Until we meet again, mon chéri,

xx; Mimii


Edited by: Christina Sousa



I’d like to introduce to you, MY SISTER. a.k.a best friend. a.k.a little brat :). But I gotta hand it to her, she is a multi-talented face in front of the camera. From silly to cute all the way to and elegant.

Stay tuned to see the rest of the photo sets!

We call this face; The Turtle Face



Are you ready? The new collection is unlike any other!

I’m so excited for this launch! We here in Ottawa have a lot of plans for some great events.

Available at :
Shoppers Drug Mart
The Bay

Get the look:   Click here for the video tutorial

Lise Watier Fashions;   Helping you chose the right outfit for the look aswel!  SHOP NOW




Today our lives are run by technology. Cell phones, computers, tv and social networks, are just the beginning.

We dont need to think, our machines do it for us.. Remind us of our friends birthdays, phone numbers… We can now even control our house tempature/security system with your phone..

Whoa.. hold up.

A little word of motivation from the 19 year old me.

A few days before I turned 20, I was very stressed out, with school , life, work etc.. I had written a little word of motivation for myself as well as for the people surrounding me.   I thought I would share it with you all seeing as it is either, end of the fiscal year, exam time, bad weather etc.. We are all feeling the stress.



by Myriam Cyr

You’ll see the world in a different way. The world will see you in a different way. Right now your just at a stage in your life where the world started spinning, maybe even faster then you can handle right about now.

You crumble at every syllable in every word someone says to  you because you are still young and fragile. Every harsh word seems to stab you like a knife, but that doesn’t stop you, you keep your head up and keep striving for what it is you want for yourself.

Our personal fears seem to lead us to multiple road blocks, we create anxiety and the stress builds up, all because… everything seems to be moving way too fast and time seems to run out.. quickly.

The key is to not fear time or what others will think of what you do with your time, what you say or wear, it will only tie you up and anchor you down. You need to go for it, head first, without looking back, because YOU are a strong person. *Be*lieve in *You*rself!

I know this because I know humans, I mean… I am human.. I admire, envy and am sometimes disjointed in us, I study how we feel, and try to find reason deep within myself by observation, personal experiences and by the stories friends and acquaintances tell me.

Life is going to throw all of these stupid things in your face whether you like it or not. As much as you feel like you need to scream and shout, you just need to learn to accept it and live with it. We cannot change the workflow of life, it will just happen as it wants to happen.  We will fall in love, fall out of love, we will get hurt, we will hurt.  Just know… its okay, how you feel is normal and most importantly your are NOT alone.

In the end, all of it will only make you stronger. Like a broken bone forming new cartilage, you will march through life like a champion. I’ve been been there done that, just as everyone else has.

Turning 20 in 9 days and absolutely freaking out because I even feel different, mind and body, like if my life is starting a new chapter…a blank page has been presented to me, and I intend to take the chance to write my own story… and that’s cool!

Its like as if destiny has a structured yet mold-able plan for all of me (and you). We will get through it I know we will. At least I’m certain of one thing, we have the capabilities to do so!

& Even if all your dreams don’t come true, right away, don’t take it as a loss take it as a stepping stone. Your just getting that much closer to your goals, and discovering life in many different ways as well as its many hidden wonders. Just keep givin-er.

If your feeling down and feel like life has given up on you or your thinking “maybe life isn’t ready for me yet.” Its the other way around ? Isn’t it ? Maybe your just not ready to accept life in its many mysteries at play. Don’t worry your time will come you just have to accept it as a part of you, because life is inevitable. Once you can accept that you will shine brighter then a new born star.

Find your light, create your own sparkle.
Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want, and DO what makes YOU happy.Image

Click HERE to see the rest of the photoshoot.

– BeauteOptic

MUST HAVES: New Lise Watier Launches

Lise Watier Cosmétiques has recently launched a few new products, and I thought they deserved 100% that I do a review on them!  Great new products! Probably my favourite new products as well.

Thought i’d start with the new shadows, only because they are officially my new favourite product!

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme – 24$
(Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean-Coutu, Sears, The Bay)

ImageI’ve recently got these colours added to my collection, and let me tell you I was EXTREMELY skeptic to use them because they are kind of like a cream shadow.  First thing I thought was “OMG this is going to crease”.  Well let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised!

I of course took the liberty to test it out on my own eyes. All day I found myself checking myself out in every mirror in sight making sure it hasn’t creased yet.

Everytime, I was very surprised to see that it was still put and hasn’t moved. I also found it makes a PERFECT base for eyeshadows to ensure your shadows don’t crease as well and is very blendable.

These come in 6 beautiful iridescent shades: Ciel de Nuit, Vert Enchante, Sunrise Peach, Magie Blanche, Magie Noire and Taupe Fantasia. They have an amazing air-whipped texture, kind of like a soufflé AND on top of all of this, these are your first anti-aging eye shadows!  They all have the Lise Watier famous Labrador tea extract, which is very anti-oxidant and is also considered the highest antioxidant on the market presently.


Lise Watier Extra Smooth Liner – 20$
(Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean-Coutu, Sears, The Bay)

ImageThese eyeliners…WOW. WOW. WOW.  Amazing texture, Amazing Hold (waterproof). Give you about 30-60 seconds to smudge for a smokey look and truly makes a great look. 3 colours so far, Bleu, Vert and Noir. The black one is actually more black then my regular liquid liner so I am now using it more then my liquid. *blushes* Its my new best kept secret.

I definitely recommend that you guys all give it a try!

It literally just glides on and the liner itself is dressed with a smudge tip to help create different looks. Highly pigmented it makes the perfect liner for a nice precise or smokey line.

** Warning; It is a mechanical eye liner, no sharpener needed BUT you can not twist it back down. so only roll up what you need!.


Lise Watier Dramatique Intense 3D Volume Mascara – 24$
(Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean-Coutu, Sears, The Bay)


This mascara offers you, volume and extreme length all while curling your lashes.  It has a nice creamy easy to apply formula in a beautiful ultra-black pigment and also includes ceramides. The brush, which is of a drop shape provides the perfect application for shorter lashes aswell as longer lashes, for a proffesional looking set of lashes.

I’m actually so in love with this mascara, it has now become my favourite of the cosmetic line.  It used to be the WOW mascara by Lise Watier, but this one knocked it outta the ball park for sure.

And the BEST part of it all is these products are regular products, they will stay on the shelves and not disappear like the seasonal products do.  No worries!

A Witch named Hazel’s magical Tea Tree


So yes I am aware, most people out there say these mask packets aren’t good for the skin, their cheap.. Blah blah. Lets be honest, every product out there has their good and bad reviews. If someone can find me a product that no one has ever complained about….. Lets just stop there, that alone is wishful thinking. So I’ve decided to try it anyway, because I’ve always heard such great things about Witch Hazel and Tea Tree aswell and their multiple benefits.

A little bit about my skin type:
– Acne Prone with pimples
– Combination
– Scaring
– Sometimes even very dry..

So you can just imagine how complicated it is for me to find the right skin care! I have been on the lookout forever, I have tried everything. So I’ve decided to just result to taking care of it and living with what I have as part of me. & trying this thing called “healthy eating” haha I know right.. I must be crazy! Haha, its really not that bad, I feel great! Now lets see if it works to better my skin!

20130321-215107.jpgSo I have now been wearing the mask for 10 minutes, 5 minutes left before removal. I’m feeling no burning, no tingling. So far i’m “smooth riding”. Just very relaxed, and you know, I dont hate the smell of Tea Tree at all.

Rinsing time!

My skin feels great! It feels very clean, pores feel and appear tightened. Very happy with my experience! Great quick go to before an outting!

A touch of summer in this weather..

We had a project to do in class; it was to take a picture of a product.  Since I’m a Lise Watier fanatic, I of coarse chose one of their products. Thought this one would be very suitable, considering the weather were having, we are all in need of a little hint of southern winds… *Vent du Sud*

Personal Review:

I’ve found myself wearing this scent ALL winter, most likely cause I’ve just been dreading all this snow and cold. This perfume has just given me that small hint of summer breeze. It is said that scent brings back memories, well this one definitely does.. it reminds me of those hot summer days on the beach, with some cocktails with my girls… ahhhh I cannot wait till summer! When I smell it I definitely smell a little lavender, a little vanilla and even a little kiwi! Mmmm.


Envelope your skin with the deliciously exotic scent of the tropics with Vent du Sud Eau de Toilette. Blending the sensual, feminine notes of passion flower, jasmine and rose with the warmth of an exotic fruit cocktail and the sweet, hot traces of amber, vanilla and wood-scented musk, Vent du Sud Eau de Toilette is your passport to the exotic. Now transport yourself to the tropics with just one sprits!

For Purchase:

http://www.lisewatier.com/eng/product/vent_du_sud_eau_de_toilette/vent_du_sudPHOTO BY: Myriam Cyr (©BeauteOptic)

Resources: http://www.lisewatier.com