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Pretty Hurts

People neeeeeed to stop complaining about this “no makeup selfie” nominations! I believe its a beautiful idea.. I’m a makeup artist so I definitely am all about makeup but I believe it’s really important to put out the awareness that we are beautiful no matter what! Makeup or no makeup , with all the media going around with perfect figures, perfect skin, perfect faces, all digitally modified. This no makeup selfie is JUST what our souls need.

On top of everything it is made to raise awareness for cancer, like what is the problem with our society? I have no words to explain how disappointed it makes me to know that this is how we are being raised. We need to stop the nonsense and start loving each other and ourselves, the world will truly be a better place!


I swear people are just looking for things to complain about, lets complain about this that matter, like lack of self-esteem in our communities, animal abuse or world poverty, or even the lack of information going around about the missing plane.. But their is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the nominations going on with the “no makeup!” … Nek nominations were another story… Wake-up and smell the coffee!

“Pretty hurts
We shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation”
– Queen Bey