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A little word of motivation from the 19 year old me.

A few days before I turned 20, I was very stressed out, with school , life, work etc.. I had written a little word of motivation for myself as well as for the people surrounding me.   I thought I would share it with you all seeing as it is either, end of the fiscal year, exam time, bad weather etc.. We are all feeling the stress.



by Myriam Cyr

You’ll see the world in a different way. The world will see you in a different way. Right now your just at a stage in your life where the world started spinning, maybe even faster then you can handle right about now.

You crumble at every syllable in every word someone says to  you because you are still young and fragile. Every harsh word seems to stab you like a knife, but that doesn’t stop you, you keep your head up and keep striving for what it is you want for yourself.

Our personal fears seem to lead us to multiple road blocks, we create anxiety and the stress builds up, all because… everything seems to be moving way too fast and time seems to run out.. quickly.

The key is to not fear time or what others will think of what you do with your time, what you say or wear, it will only tie you up and anchor you down. You need to go for it, head first, without looking back, because YOU are a strong person. *Be*lieve in *You*rself!

I know this because I know humans, I mean… I am human.. I admire, envy and am sometimes disjointed in us, I study how we feel, and try to find reason deep within myself by observation, personal experiences and by the stories friends and acquaintances tell me.

Life is going to throw all of these stupid things in your face whether you like it or not. As much as you feel like you need to scream and shout, you just need to learn to accept it and live with it. We cannot change the workflow of life, it will just happen as it wants to happen.  We will fall in love, fall out of love, we will get hurt, we will hurt.  Just know… its okay, how you feel is normal and most importantly your are NOT alone.

In the end, all of it will only make you stronger. Like a broken bone forming new cartilage, you will march through life like a champion. I’ve been been there done that, just as everyone else has.

Turning 20 in 9 days and absolutely freaking out because I even feel different, mind and body, like if my life is starting a new chapter…a blank page has been presented to me, and I intend to take the chance to write my own story… and that’s cool!

Its like as if destiny has a structured yet mold-able plan for all of me (and you). We will get through it I know we will. At least I’m certain of one thing, we have the capabilities to do so!

& Even if all your dreams don’t come true, right away, don’t take it as a loss take it as a stepping stone. Your just getting that much closer to your goals, and discovering life in many different ways as well as its many hidden wonders. Just keep givin-er.

If your feeling down and feel like life has given up on you or your thinking “maybe life isn’t ready for me yet.” Its the other way around ? Isn’t it ? Maybe your just not ready to accept life in its many mysteries at play. Don’t worry your time will come you just have to accept it as a part of you, because life is inevitable. Once you can accept that you will shine brighter then a new born star.

Find your light, create your own sparkle.
Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want, and DO what makes YOU happy.Image

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– BeauteOptic