Tips and Tricks

Quick Tips and Tricks from the artist:

Sometimes as an artist I enjoy trying new things and playing around with my stash of makeup at home.  Trying to find new tips new tricks, to further my skills.  I thought WHY NOT share with you guys!

Aging Makeup:  Quick How-To

To achieve an aging makeup, usually used for plays, tv or movies, it is very simple!

By using a darker skin tone color (pencil or concealer) and asking your model to squint in anyway possible to create indents on their face and simply trace them. Once your satisfied on the amount of wrinkles traced on the face, you now will have to blend them (using a light dabbing motion with you fingers) you will notice that some spots may need to be darkened to emphasis the depth of a wrinkle (around the nose and mouth area mostly).. You then take a highlighting pencil (or the tool your most used to using for highlights) and highlight all the areas in between the wrinkle you created (this helps emphasize the depth of the wrinkles even more by bringing forward the skin and making the darker areas created seem more deep.).  Then add some grey temporary hair dye to the hair and eye brows (mustache/beard if model has one). Some people use baby powder to create the white hair look.

* For this shoot I used a cheap Halloween grey hair spray and felt it worked just fine.

Voilà! You now have an elderly in front of you.  Don’t forget to respect your elderly, eurhm clients..


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