The nine 2 five

The 9-5 life, is it really necessary?

Since I’ve stepped out of the 9-5 world I’ve noticed MANY changes in my life.

1 being I am particularly more happy with my life

2 being I spend less but I live more fulfilling life.

3 is I’m realizing I don’t need 2/3 of the crap I’ve accumulated

4… The list seriously goes on forever.. Mainly all positive points!!

This article is perfect at explaining it all!

It’s crazy how the system is built.. Even crazier that were all so drawn to it…. Money money money.

I suggest everyone read this article! ITS A MUST!

Then question… Is it really worth it? Is it really possible to spend time and not money?

I’ll leave you with those questions on your mind..

Ciao for now!

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