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A Witch named Hazel’s magical Tea Tree


So yes I am aware, most people out there say these mask packets aren’t good for the skin, their cheap.. Blah blah. Lets be honest, every product out there has their good and bad reviews. If someone can find me a product that no one has ever complained about….. Lets just stop there, that alone is wishful thinking. So I’ve decided to try it anyway, because I’ve always heard such great things about Witch Hazel and Tea Tree aswell and their multiple benefits.

A little bit about my skin type:
– Acne Prone with pimples
– Combination
– Scaring
– Sometimes even very dry..

So you can just imagine how complicated it is for me to find the right skin care! I have been on the lookout forever, I have tried everything. So I’ve decided to just result to taking care of it and living with what I have as part of me. & trying this thing called “healthy eating” haha I know right.. I must be crazy! Haha, its really not that bad, I feel great! Now lets see if it works to better my skin!

20130321-215107.jpgSo I have now been wearing the mask for 10 minutes, 5 minutes left before removal. I’m feeling no burning, no tingling. So far i’m “smooth riding”. Just very relaxed, and you know, I dont hate the smell of Tea Tree at all.

Rinsing time!

My skin feels great! It feels very clean, pores feel and appear tightened. Very happy with my experience! Great quick go to before an outting!