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The nine 2 five

The 9-5 life, is it really necessary?

Since I’ve stepped out of the 9-5 world I’ve noticed MANY changes in my life.

1 being I am particularly more happy with my life

2 being I spend less but I live more fulfilling life.

3 is I’m realizing I don’t need 2/3 of the crap I’ve accumulated

4… The list seriously goes on forever.. Mainly all positive points!!

This article is perfect at explaining it all!

It’s crazy how the system is built.. Even crazier that were all so drawn to it…. Money money money.

I suggest everyone read this article! ITS A MUST!

Then question… Is it really worth it? Is it really possible to spend time and not money?

I’ll leave you with those questions on your mind..

Ciao for now!


Nude Face Nomination

I’d like to thank Stephanie Quesnel for the beautiful no makeup selfie Nomination! I’ve recently became extremely comfortable with the look of my skin that is finally healing! This nomination chain is a great idea to display true beauty and encourage self-confidence in younger (and older) women.

I’d like to nominate all of you reading this now, and please ensure to nominate your  friends along the way! This is a great cause! Spread the word, spread the love…

Let me see them nude faces ladies (and gentlemen? hehe). !!1901389_10153983325000595_13102266_n

Valentines Day: Ideas for the Last Minute-ers

Valentines Day, also known as the Hallmark Holiday, another excuse to take out our wallets and spend some money to show our loved ones that we love them?  Hold up, that’s not right!  Yes it is over rated, yes people go buck sh*t crazy over making sure the day is perfect.

My thoughts are v-day should be taken as a reminder that all the little things count when it comes to love.. and its been placed in the best month of the year to show just that! February gives us the perfect environment, the cozier weather (cuddly nights), the year still feels fresh (resolutions for the most part still in effect) and its usually winter festival time (free events! ..or at least cheap ones)!

The day we all have marked in our calendar as the day we need to love our significant other, is just a date. I know all you single people out there are all probably half puking just by reading this post (if you haven’t stopped yet). Instead of dreading Valentines Day, their are MANY other things you can do.  Dinner date with you best friend or going to that favorite place you love to go to!  Just take the time to do something YOU LOVE.

Enough of the blah blah introduction part, now to get down to what you have probably clicked on this post for.
A few ideas I dug out for all of you:

1. If your still looking to spend a little money, Lauren Conrad put together a nice list of ideas of gifts for everyone and anyone really.

2. Bed and Breakfast style!  I don’t know 1 person on the planet who wouldn’t love to wake up with a nice breakfast on their bed side (Coffee, optional but encouraged)

3. Why not reenact your first date, go back to the good ol’days where you were still in the so called “honeymoon stage” and bring that fire back!

4. Get physical! .. no i’m not talking dirty.  Go out and get your heart rates rising together doing something enjoyable outdoors (cross country skiing, skating *if your in Ottawa I highly recommend the Canal! etc..)

4. Swap massages.  1 for your and 1 for your partner! Click here.

5. Get cheesy, its okay sometimes. Make a trail of rose petals to a certain surprise. (Let your imagination go wild)

6. 18+: Get a room, if budget allows.  A change of environment could work miracles on your sex life. Mix in some roll playing to spice it up a bit.

7. 18+: Can’t afford a room? Read together.  Find a good dirty novel and read a couple of chapters together to help ignite a little passion. I recommend Opal Carew, I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting her at the Sexapalooza 2014, great women with interesting reads!

9. Stay in, no electronics. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of uninterrupted time together. Play some games together, have a long nap. Live in pure togetherness!

10. Dress up.  Even if its just for dinner between the two of you or to hit a dance floor! Get fancy with it!

* For more options if your not satisfied with the ones I mentioned: 101 things to do on valentines day. (single, mingling or taken)

Now, I may not be a love expert but I can guarantee that at least one of these things will be worth your while.

Much love,


True Beauty

True Beauty

Spring comes once again.
The sun shines warmly. Everything is fresh and green. One morning the ugly duckling sees the beautiful swans again. She knows them. She wants so much to swim with them in the river. But she is afraid of them. She wants to die. So she runs into the river. She looks into the water. There in the water she sees a beautiful swan. It is she! She is no more an ugly duckling.
She is a beautiful white swan.

Bare English & Co. Tea Infused Lip Balm Review

Blog Collaboration;  Guest Blogger for Vegan Bananas

Bare English & Co. : Organic . Vegan . Tea Infused . Lip Balm

2014-01-16 14.45.51

Lip products and winter go together like peanut butter and jelly. Finding a suitable lip balm is a harder task than it may initially seem. Needing the right scent, flavor, packaging, etc … but the right texture is one of its most important and searched for components of a lip balm. Achieving a smooth “non-sticky” application can be pretty tricky for producers of such products, especially without using any animal products or harmful chemicals (petroleum jelly, parabens, etc.) Since the average woman consumes two kilograms (yep, kilos my friends) of lip products in her lifetime, it’s important to avoid nasty dangerous chemicals. [Source: Terra20] Like most women, I have a huge stash of lip products. They are hidden in every coat, every purse, hidden in drawers and pant pockets all around me. Also, vegans are always on the hunt for really good vegan lip balms since they are sometimes hard to find. This is why I was so excited to have won a pack of three Bare English Lip Balms from Andrea Tomkins’ blog, A Peek Inside The Fishbowl. I put them to the test, January being one of the best times to do this, in full Canadian winter. FYI, for this blog I am welcoming a guest writer! If you are already part of my social media circle, you probably already have guessed that this guest blogger is none other than my cousin Myriam from BeauteOptic. I’m not a fan of mint chocolate flavors, so I needed help from my dear sidekick. Plus, she’s just awesome of course, there’s genetics at play here! Now down to business..


2014-01-16 14.47.36


They are from Toronto, Ontario! (Also sold here in Ottawa, at Terra20) Bare English & Co. Pomegranate Berry Lip Balm Bare English & Co. Mint Chocolate Lip Balm Bare English & Co. Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm

Tea Infused:

The lip balms are made with awesome ingredients, and they are infused with tea.

“It’s not just a beverage; it’s our claim to fame!” – Bare English & Co.

Organic Ingredients: 

Bare English & Co. lip balms are organic, fair trade and free of GMO’s! They also don’t contain preservatives or toxic chemicals.

– Candelilla Wax; creating the texture
– Jojoba Oil; moisturizing, almost mimicking the skin’s natural sebum.
– Almond Oil; antioxidant, anti-aging and helps balance the pH of the skin.
– Cocoa Butter; strong moisturizer and barrier to our harsh environments and climates.
– Vitamin E; healing antioxidant.
– Coconut Oil; rejuvenating moisture for all skin types.
– Olive Oil; enriches the skin and gives a natural shine.
– Castor Oil; emollient that stimulates the productions of collagen and elastin.


Bare English & Co. Tea Infused Lip Balms contain no animal products. (NONE. Yesssssss!)

Texture notes:

2014-01-16 14.43.10


Good lip balms are hard to come by, but these … Everything I could possibly want. The texture is SPOT ON; not too waxy, not too wet. Moisture that lasts for hours, even after talking to customers all day at work. And yes, it really has been a hero for my lips in this cold weather.


The texture of these balms can best be explained in juicy adjectives, such as smooth and kissable.  They do not leave that obnoxious film of sticky gooeyness to your lips (this is thanks to the candelilla wax which substitutes the beeswax).  If anything its more of a silky, almost liquid (not runny) texture. Even my boyfriend wears it because he can stand the feel of it on his lips, and trust me he has refused kisses of mine after wearing certain other lip balms. This being said, I would even consider this to be a unisex product.

Flavour notes:


Vanilla Coconut

Deliciously sweet, but a very heavy dessert-like flavor. I want to eat it… Calories from lip balms don’t count, right?

Pomegranate Berry

My personal favorite! Not too sweet, not too sour. Seems like a real fruit flavor, not the plastic/fake berry flavorings.


Mint chocolate

In all honesty, I love a good mint chocolate flavoring (brings me back to my girl guide cookie days).  I absolutely enjoyed the flavor. Bonus: My boyfriend always makes the comment that my lips taste good after he greets me with a kiss. This flavor gets a BeauteOptic check mark of approval.

*Looks like the lip balms were a hit with both of us beauty critics! Make sure you check out their website at, to check where you can find some for yourself.

Disclaimer: We were not paid for this review; all opinions are our own.

Blooming Forget Me Not

How did you make it to where you are today?

I’ve got to say that my strong sense of ambition is definitely, what brought me here today. I was always keeping updated as much as possible with the beautiful world of cosmetics, always looking for opportunities and always trying to achieve more. It all started when I used to play with dolls and Barbie’s, and it alone becomes a whole process of metamorphosis.

How would you describe yourself taking in consideration this lifestyle?

I consider myself like a small flower in this world. Every flower starts with a seed, add the soil (home) and some water&sunlight (nutrition) and let miracles happen. A flower is built tough, the roots, (this implying my supportive family and artistic, my sister whom always let me apply her makeup, my friends who are always there to encourage me through think and thin).. Then, theirs the stem, (built tough and ready to pierce through the ground to make its appearance)  Then at the top of the stem you find the bud (which in this metaphor I’m trying to create represents your comfort zone). To get to where I am today I had to breakthrough, then grew out of my shell to finally expose myself to the world. (So, I made the hard decision to leave my small town behind to move to the Nations’ capital, OTTAWA where I attended La Cité Collégiale in the Esthetics program). So as this went on my petals grew stronger and brighter and more colored as my knowledge grew in those same ways.

How did all this happen for you?

I landed a job right away after graduating as a full-time cosmetician at Jean-Coutu (MY FIRST RETAIL JOB! which I rocked at b.t.w) … I have a lot to thank to this job as they were SO great to me. From here on there was no stopping me. I started to bloom and to show my hidden wonders. Even created a social network and a small fan base.

One day at my work, a rep from Lise Watier showed up and was talking to my head cosmetician. She was talking about an opening MUA job for the company … Right away *BING* light turned on in my head … I, Myriam Cyr, was going to land this job … no questions asked. Heres where I put in play the laws of attraction to the test. I thought long and hard about this position and how much I could see myself in it. Tweeted about it, facebooked, tumblr EVERYTHING you name it, I put my interest out there. One day I had a twitter mention (which hardly ever happened before this) as I checked it already my colors were showing I was full of excitement. I’m sure my face turned 50 shades of red … I had @LiseWatier and @ChelseaChute4LW tweeting me good luck message’s on my application to the job. WOW WOW WOW was I ever in a mood of pure ecstasy … Then, the next thing I know the regional rep had tweeted me that she would like me to send her my resume directly to her (since the head office was taking their time sending it over to her). She was also asking me if I was available in the next few days to meet with her about the position. AHH! I was happier than a child on Christmas morning.

Finally I had met with the rep the next day. Little did I know, she was already ready to hire me, but I kept answering her interview question trying to rock my interview (completely oblivious to the fact) only for her to tell me ‘so BTW I knew I was going to hire you before I even came into Tim Hortons (this is where my interview was) I just wanted to hear more about you’…. all I remember was tears filling up my eyes, I WAS SO JOYFUL … like I cried at the end of an interview kind of happy and here I am still today loving my job! Here’s to hoping the happiness never ends.

More and more every day I keep blooming into this beautiful blue-eyed forget me not flower… 🙂 Smallest most beautiful flower the world has (in my opinion).

BeauteOptic, your little forget me not flower 🙂

terra20: Opening of a new store!


 I have officially fallen in love..

No more adventuring all the way to Kanata with my roomie and dragging her into terra20 just so I could day dream about being able to use the ecobar, or to look at the ‘oh so pretty’ cosmetic section…it was always just out of reach for me.  I cannot explain the excitement I felt when I began hearing rumours about a potential new store at their anniversary event back in September. Now here it is, terra20 in Wellington West!

On Friday November 1st, they had an exclusive VIP shopping exciting that I was actually invited! Let me tell ya, I was one happy camper walking into this store.  Not only was my cousin, Josée aka ‘Vegan Bananas‘, there to greet me at the entrance, she also greeted me as the newest member of the terra20 team!  As I walked into the store, I was overwhelmed at the contemporary beauty they had created.

For those of you who are reading this thinking; ‘What the heck is terra20?’ Tisk Tisk!

Heres what Terra20 is all about in a snap:

About terra20:
A pioneer in green department store retailing, terra20 works closely with brand partners and guests to find the most environmentally sound products available. terra20’s first two stores and head office are in Ottawa. The company plans to open additional stores across Canada in the near future and has an online store with more than 8,500 product offerings. For more information visit

So now to talk about my experience in… *pause for effect*  ‘THE COSMETIC SECTION’!


First, let’s start off with their prestige brand, ‘Daniel Thompson‘. I actually had the privilege of meeting Mr.Thompson himself, and his trusty sidekick at the Anniversary event. We got to talk about the products and his view for the future of his company.  Great guys with great ambitions!  If there was one product I had really enjoyed during my mini makeover at the event, it was the Absolute Light (I will eventually post a review on the product and link it here as well).

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there! I got to snag myself samples of Kaia face and eye cream, booster serum, and a facial cleansing cloth. Kaia, a brand suited for people like me with busy lifestyles, is eco-friendly and vegan! I cannot wait to try these out and discover more about the product line!

There is more…lots more!

Next up, we have Zorah, a high-end brand that is petroleum free!  What really strikes me about this brand is their precious oils, especially their usage of argan oil. As we all know, argan oil is becoming a major hit in the mainstream world, or so says Dr. Oz (yea, I sometimes watch the show…it happens). Argan oil acts as a superb renewal agent for not only the skin, but in its purest form, also is amazing for the hair and cuticles.

However, the line that first caught my eye as I walked into the store, (I’d say mostly for the artwork on their brochures and stuff…I’m a very visual person) is Sappho Organic Cosmetics!  Seriously, click the hyperlink and check out the art work!  I actually posted the brochure on the wall in my room : ). I believe this will be the cosmetic line I will be testing and reviewing first! Oh Joséeeeee….prepare your makeup brushes cause i’m coming in for a makeover!

Now this is something to be excited about!  Local vendors, and I for sure am one to ‘Support Local‘!SupportLocal-newmark

Their soaps are to die for! I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who thinks this.
* Check out Vegan Bananas’s review on their Lemon Meringue Hand Balm and Chocolate Face Mask.

Now, I could sit here all night and name every other product line they have available, thankfully I can just link you to a full list, for you to do a little of your own exploring : ).   HERE!
* Please note, the mother store carries all lines, the Wellington West location is more of a specialized department store.

PS: Don’t forget to check out poo-poo paper! ACTUALLY MADE FROM POOP! Yes, you read correctly…did I catch your attention? ; ) …I know I’m going to buy some poop during my next visit! hehe.

In short, I’m in love with this store, and will be turning visits into habits . I mean, I definitely have to refill my ecobar cleaning products!

Until we meet again, mon chéri,

xx; Mimii


Edited by: Christina Sousa



I’d like to introduce to you, MY SISTER. a.k.a best friend. a.k.a little brat :). But I gotta hand it to her, she is a multi-talented face in front of the camera. From silly to cute all the way to and elegant.

Stay tuned to see the rest of the photo sets!

We call this face; The Turtle Face